Suppliers are the heartbeat of any association. Without their time, monetary support, and services the viability of our industry would be hampered. We value our business partners.


State Suppliers Council mission statement is: “The SCAA State Suppliers Council is committed to serve as the voice of the residential property management industry suppliers in South Carolina through goal-oriented collaboration that results in effective advocacy, developing business relationships and professional growth.”


Suppliers Council Committee Chair:
Laura Williamson, Furniture Services, Inc.


Suppliers Council Makeup:

  • The SCAA President shall appoint the council chair.
  • The Vice Chair shall be appointed by the SCAA president.
  • Each SCAA Affiliate shall appoint up to 2 members to the council.
  • In the event an Affiliate fails to appoint members to the council, the SCAA President, with recommendations from SSC, may appoint individuals on behalf of the Affiliate.
  • The SCAA President shall be an ex-officio member of this council.
  • 51% of members shall constitute a quorum.
  • Any supplier member outside of these appointed can volunteer/be a part of the council.
  • SSC Vice Chair is a part of the following year’s conference planning committee.


The Supplier Council shall be responsible for the following:

  • Branding SSC/Logo Creation.
  • Determining value of membership.
  • Defining the SSC value (i.e., time, money, resources, participation value, advocacy value, relationship value, professional growth value, bring/participate what you expect to get, the need for a supplier member to actively participate).
  • Determining market penetration in each affiliate
  • Ongoing market penetration conversations with each affiliate.
  • Supporting the annual Advocacy & Education Conference.