The key to any successful organization is through marketing and public relations.


The Marketing & Public Relations Committee’s mission statement is: “Develop and implement strategic, digital-driven marketing initiatives that promote member engagement and affiliate integration with the SCAA; improve SCAA’s brand recognition by providing tangible value; inform and engage the membership around SCAA news and events; and act as support for improving the public’s perception of the multifamily industry.”


Marketing & Public Relations Committee Chair:
Elizabeth Newkirk, Loebsack & Brownlee


Marketing & Public Relations Committee Makeup:

  • The SCAA President shall appoint the committee chair.
  • The SCAA president shall appoint the Vice Chair.
  • Each SCAA Affiliate shall appoint at least 1 at-large owner/manager or supplier member to the committee.
  • In the event an Affiliate fails to appoint a member to the committee the SCAA President may appoint an individual on their behalf.
  • The SCAA President shall be an ex-officio member of the committee.
  • Other individual members may join this committee upon approval by the committee chair.


The Marketing & Public Relations committee shall be responsible for the following:

  • Developing and maintaining the SCAA website.
  • Creating a social campaign and online presences for the SCAA.
  • Supporting and promoting SCAA social media to Membership.
  • Develop the guidelines for the SCAA Hall of Fame and requirements to qualify for such an honor.
  • Working with all of the committees to advance and promote messaging on SCAA’s issues.